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DJI TB55/WB37 - Battery Case - Small

Wat past er in de koffer

- 6 x DJI TB55

- 6 x DJI WB37


Maximale vliegtijd volle koffer

- 1,5 uur



- snelle check van laadcapaciteit

- waterdicht

- makkelijke sloten

- levenslange garantie op hardware

€225,00 excl. BTW

DJI TB55/WB37 - Battery Case - Medium - USED

What fits in the case:

- 10 x DJI TB55

- 10 x DJI WB37

Flight time with a full case:

- 2,5 hours


- Easy overview

- Quick check of loading capacity

- Waterproof

€375,00 excl. BTW €235,00 excl. BTW

B- DJI TB55/WB37 - Charging Case - Small - USED

What fits in the case:

- 1x original TB50/TB55 Charging HUB

- 1x original WB37 charger

- 1x EasyLock power adapter (0,5 meter) (Included!)

- 1x charge power adapter (Included!)

Charging speed:

- 2 x TB55 = 1,5 hours

- 1 x WB37 = 1,5 hours


- You can use your original chargers !

- Stable insert for charging station

- 2 x TB55 charging simultaneously

- EasyLock power connector

€520,00 excl. BTW €375,00 excl. BTW

Easy Lock Firstpower

€14,99 excl. BTW

Easy Lock Powerlink

Link your EasyBirds Charging Cases with these easylock powerlink cables
€15,99 excl. BTW

B - DJI M210v2 - Drone Case - USED

What fits in the case:

- 1x DJI M210v2 / M210v2 RTK

including 2x Payload (X5S, XT2, Z30, ...)

including 2x TB55 battery

- 8x DJI 1760S Propeller

- 2x CendeseS remote controller

including Crystalsky

including Sunhood

including 2x WB37 battery


Operational time:

- 2 minutes !!


With the EasyBirds Drone Case, the preparation can be done in advance and NOT during the assignment, so the drone is ready to fly. Insert the charged batteries into the drone, choose your payload(s), configure both remotes and you are all set.

This means that you will arrive at the customer and take off immediately!

- Trolley case

- Waterproof

- Easy case locks

€1499,00 excl. BTW €875,00 excl. BTW